Core Ultrasound Clip Bank

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Aorta Clips

Normal – Longitudinal info

Normal – Transverse info

Normal – Arch View info

Normal – Transhepatic View info

Dissection – Transverse info

Dissection – Longitudinal info

Ascending Dissection – Long info

Dissection – Arch View info

Descending Dissection – PSLAx info

Descending Dissection – PSSAx info

Ascending Thoracic Aneurysm info

Abdominal Aneurysm – Short info

Abdominal Aneurysm – Long

Saccular Aneurysm – Long info

Saccular Aneurysm – Short info

Focal Ectasia – Long info

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Cardiac Clips

Normal, Parasternal Long Axis info

Normal, Parasternal Short Axis info

Normal, Apical 4 Chamber info

Normal, Subxiphoid info

Heart Failure – Parasternal Long Axis info

Heart Failure – PSSAx info

Heart Failure – A4C info

Heart Failure – Subxiphoid info

Effusion – Subxiphoid info

Tamponade – Subxiphoid info

Effusion – Parasternal Long Axis info

Tamponade – Parasternal Long Axis info

Effusion – Parasternal Short Axis info

Tamponade – Parasternal Short Axis info

Effusion – Apical 4 Chamber info

Tamponade – Apical 4 Chamber info

Right Heart Strain, Acute – A4c info

Right Heart Strain, Chronic – A4c info

Right Heart Strain, Acute – Subx info

Right Heart Strain, Chronic – Subx info

Right Heart Strain, PSSAx info

Right Heart Strain, PSLAx info

McConnell Sign (RHS) – A4C info

FAST exam

RUQ – Normal info

RUQ – Positive info

Pelvis – Normal info

Pelvis – Positive info

LUQ – Normal info

LUQ – Positive info


Gallbladder, Long Axis, Nl info

Gallbladder, Short Axis, Nl info

Gallbladder, Cholecystitis info

Gallbladder, Non-Obstructing Stones info

Gallbladder, Pericholecystic Fluid info

Gallbladder, Sludge info

Gallbladder, Enlarged CBD info

Emphysematous Cholecystitis info

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