Core Ultrasound Clip Bank

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Aorta Clips

Normal – Longitudinal info

Normal – Transverse info

Normal – Arch View info

Normal – Transhepatic View info

Dissection – Transverse info

Dissection – Longitudinal info

Ascending Dissection – Long info

Dissection – Arch View info

Descending Dissection – PSLAx info

Descending Dissection – PSSAx info

Ascending Thoracic Aneurysm info

Abdominal Aneurysm – Short info

Abdominal Aneurysm – Long

Saccular Aneurysm – Long info

Saccular Aneurysm – Short info

Focal Ectasia – Long info

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Cardiac Clips

Normal, Parasternal Long Axis info

Normal, Parasternal Short Axis info

Normal, Apical 4 Chamber info

Normal, Subxiphoid info

Heart Failure – Parasternal Long Axis info

Heart Failure – PSSAx info

Heart Failure – A4C info

Heart Failure – Subxiphoid info

Effusion – Subxiphoid info

Tamponade – Subxiphoid info

Effusion – Parasternal Long Axis info

Tamponade – Parasternal Long Axis info

Effusion – Parasternal Short Axis info

Tamponade – Parasternal Short Axis info

Effusion – Apical 4 Chamber info

Tamponade – Apical 4 Chamber info

Right Heart Strain, Acute – A4c info

Right Heart Strain, Chronic – A4c info

Right Heart Strain, Acute – Subx info

Right Heart Strain, Chronic – Subx info

Right Heart Strain, PSSAx info

Right Heart Strain, PSLAx info

McConnell Sign (RHS) – A4C info

FAST exam

RUQ – Normal info

RUQ – Positive info

Pelvis – Normal info

Pelvis – Positive info

LUQ – Normal info

LUQ – Positive info


Gallbladder, Long Axis info

Gallbladder, Short Axis info

Cholecystitis info

Gallstones info

Pericholecystic Fluid info

Sludge info

Enlarged CBD info

Emphysematous Cholecystitis info


Lung Sliding info

PTX (No Lung Sliding) info

Lung Point (PTX) info

A-lines info

B-lines info

No Pleural Effusion info

Pleural Effusion info

Subcutaneous Emphysema info

Pneumonia(SAB’s & DAB’s) info


Normal info

Retinal Detachment info

Retinal Detachment 2 info

Vitreous Detachment info

Vitreous Hemorrhage info

Papilledema info

CRAO info

Enlarged ONSD info

Endophthalmitis info

Asteroid Hyalosis info

CLR info

Foreign Body info

Eyelid Hematoma info

Foreign Body info

Lens Dislocation info

Retrobulbar Hematoma info

Ruptured Globe info


Normal, Long Axis info

Normal, Short axis

Mild Hydro info

Moderate Hydro info

Severe Hydro info

Stone w/ twinkling info

Staghorn Calculus info

Calyceal Rupture info

Prominent Vessels info

Simple Cyst info

Complex Cyst info

Polycystic Disease info

Abscess info

Cancer info

Subcapsular Hematoma info

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