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  1. great video , as usual.
    I teach in ATLS , and I admit it much more informative than ATLS slides and videos…

    pneumothorax : sliding….. Rules out-nice pearl
    lung point.. rule in -nice pearl

    really grateful…

  2. Love your videos!
    I have a question, when checking for pneumothorax, where do you usually check anatomically on the torso? Is there a preferred spot or can you kind of check everywhere?

    1. Thanks!
      I usually look in the most anterior portion of the thorax. In a supine trauma patient, that is typically around intercostal space 4-5. If the patient is sitting up at a 45 degree angle, I’ll usually start at IC space 2-3. Basically, I start wherever is the part of the patients chest that is closest to the ceiling (because that’s where free air usually goes).

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