Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Access (2020 version)

USGIV - Part 1 (Equipment and vein selection)
USGIV part 2
CVC - Part 3 (site specific techniques)

When teaching ultrasound-guided placement of peripheral IV’s, I divide them into 3 components: A.) Equipment and vein selection   B.) The general technique of placing an IV in a vein and C.) How to secure your IV

Instead of creating one video that was 15 minutes long and placing time-stamps to click on for each section, I decided to create 3 separate 5-minute videos that you can click through.  All three videos were peer-reviewed by Terren Trott, MD (An ED and critical care-trained physician with an ultrasound fellowship under his belt) during the month of July, 2020.

Click the pictures above to access the videos, and the buttons below to see related videos, the 2015 version of US-guided CVC placement, and all other videos.   Enjoy!

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